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One of the most commonly used flowers in witchcraft, roses have been a symbol of love for centuries. Roses are not only for love and beauty spells, they’re also used for healing, protection, and psychic powers.


Receptive energy



Magickal Properties: love, beauty, divination, protection, psychic powers, healing, secrecy, oaths

Medicinal Properties: anti-inflammatory and astringent. Effective skin toner. Rosehips are high in vitamin C

Rose colour meanings:

Red - love, beauty, passion, courage

Pink - self love, gratitude, grace

White - protection, spirit, purity, sympathy

Yellow - friendship, joy, well-being

Ways to use roses in your practice:

Bathe in rose petals to enhance your beauty and confidence.

Consecrate rose petals under the full moon before using them in spellwork.

Infuse rose petals in a carrier oil such as grapeseed and use it for anointing.

Charge your makeup by letting it sit on top of some rose petals.

Do a facial steam with rose petals to enhance your beauty.

Make a bath salt blend for beauty and attraction. Use pink Himalayan salt, dried rosebuds, patchouli, ylang-ylang, and geranium essential oils:

Scatter rose petals or keep a bunch of dried red roses above your bed to bring love and passion.

Infuse wild roses in sweet almond oil, the aroma of wild roses is considered an aphrodisiac.

Steep rose petals in some rose water along with a piece of rose quartz, let this charge under the full moon. Use this to cleanse your face, as a toner to enhance your beauty, use in a spray bottle to mist yourself, or anoint your mirror with it.

Scatter rose petals outside your front door to bring love to your home.

Use the petals to cast a circle when doing love or glamour spells.

Scatter rose petals around when doing a tarot reading on love.

For beauty, place 1 single rose in a vase by a mirror where you get ready or do your make-up. Be sure the rose is reflected in the mirror.

Lie down and place a rose on your heart chakra to open your heart chakra and bring balance to it.

Drink a tea made from rose petals and rosehips for beauty, or share with someone you love.

Add some rose petals to your baking, or sprinkle some on top of chocolate to share with your loved one.

Make rose infused sugar - use it for baking or teas, or mix it with coconut oil to make a sugar scrub for your body and lips.

Use a long-stemmed rose as a wand when casting spells for love. 

To manifest love, place 3 rose buds in a small envelope. Anoint the envelope with a manifestation oil, or patchouli oil. Bury the envelope in your garden.

Use rose petals as offerings for nature deities when foraging or collecting things in nature.

Use roses for deity offerings, especially to honour goddesses of love and healing.

Use rose thorns in protection spells and use them to etch into candles.

Press 13 rose thorns into a black pillar candle and let this burn down for a simple protection spell.

Burn rose leaves in a fire for good luck and fortune.

Leave a white rose under the full moon light, keep this on you to heighten your intuition.

For a healing amulet, string together 9 dried rose hips to make a necklace.

Steep white rose petals in water with a clear quartz crystal and leave this to charge under the full moon, use this as a blessing water.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for your spellcrafting! How do you work with the magick of roses? Blessed be xoxo


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