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A spiritually uplifting stone of divine wisdom...


Receptive energy

Jupiter & Neptune

Air & Water

Third Eye Chakra

Aquarius & Pisces

Intuition, peace, spiritual healing, divine wisdom, dreaming, meditation, cleansing


The Magick of Amethyst

Amethyst assists in spiritual and psychic development.

Amethyst can come in light or dark shades. The lighter shades are best used for spiritual uplifting, and helpful for empaths. The darker shades help to ground you, clears negative energy, and is beneficial when used in dreamwork.

Meditate with amethyst placed on the Third Eye Chakra.

Place amethyst in water and leave to charge over night, preferably on a full moon. Drink this to enhance intuition or before divination.

Wear or carry amethyst with you to build your spiritual awareness and protect your auric field.

Amethyst is also a cleansing crystal which can be used to energetically cleanse yourself and other crystals. This is due to its violet colour and iron and quartz properties.

Amethyst is a very soothing and calming crystal. It's helpful as a worry stone. Hold an amethyst crystal when feeling stressed out and take a few deep breaths.

When taking a bath, place an amethyst crystal in the water with you to de-stress and relax.

Place an amethyst tower on the hearth of your home or a room of the house that you spend the most time in to promote peace and harmony within the home.

Amethyst is useful in mediation. Hold one or use a mala bracelet with amethyst beads while meditating to calm the mind.

Gift an amethyst crystal to your significant other to strengthen your connection and encourage a harmonious relationship.

Amethyst can be used in dreamwork, it helps relieve insomnia, helps with dream recall and prevents nightmares.

Amethyst has been used to prevent intoxication.

Crystals to pair with amethyst:

Amethyst & labradorite - powerful psychic enhancer, promotes prophetic dreams

Amethyst & smoky quartz - clears negative energy whilst raising your vibration

Amethyst & moonstone - promotes intuition and connects to divine feminine energy

Amethyst & lepidolite - helps when dealing with grief and helps calm emotions

Amethyst & rose quartz - opens the heart chakra, uplifting


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