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Black Salt

 Witches black salt is used for protection, banishing, binding, cleansing, and releasing.

What you need:

- sea salt

- ashes / or a charcoal disc

- protective herbs

- mortar and pestle


Make your black salt on a Tuesday after the sun has set, preferably on a waxing or full moon as they are both good moon phases for doing protection magick.

To make my black salt I burned a mixture of rosemary, sage, and mugwort on a charcoal disc. Use whatever herbs that you associate with protection. You could also use the ashes from incense. I let the herbs burn for about 5 minutes and then ground this mixture, including the charcoal disc, in a mortar and pestle.

Combine this mixture with the salt by mixing it in a counter-clock wise direction. You could also add some ashes from your fireplace and some black pepper. I've also taken a bay leaf and drew a pentacle on it, then burned this and added its ashes to the black salt. Another optional ingredient to add is cast iron scrapings.

As with all spellwork or magickal crafting, visualisation is key. Remember to empower your black salt with your energy and intention while you are creating it. You could even bless or consecrate the salt before you add it to the ashes.

Light a black candle (or a white one will work too). Set the black salt in front of the candle and place some protective crystals around the salt such as obsidian, shungite, or black tourmaline. You could also anoint your black candle with some protective oil such as rosemary oil, and etch protective symbols into the candle. Leave this to charge for an hour. Store your black salt in a glass container and keep it out of direct sunlight. Charge it under the full moon light!

How to use black salt:

- keep it on your altar

- carry it with you

- keep some under your bed to ward away nightmares

- cast circles with it

- dress candles for protection spells with it

- use it in protection bottles

- place your crystals on some black salt to cleanse them

- leave a sachet of it some place you want to remove the negative energy from

- sprinkle a little bit inside your home (avoid lining the outside of your home with it or putting it on the ground outdoors in general since salt kills snails, slugs, and worms and is harmful to plants and soil)

- sprinkle a little bit of it on the floor and sweep it up to ritually sweep away negative energy

- for a simple yet powerful releasing ritual, toss a bit of black salt into natural running water or into a fire

- sprinkle a little bit of black salt behind an unwanted guest to make them leave, to keep them from coming back be sure to sweep the black salt up and dispose of it away from your home

- keep some black salt in each room of your home to remove negative energy, just remember to replace it often since black salt absorbs negativity

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Michele Boyko
Michele Boyko
Dec 05, 2021


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