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A heavenly scented faerie flower of the woods.

Magickal Correspondences

Receptive energy

Saturn & the Moon


Taurus & Libra

Throat chakra


Love, luck, rebirth, renewal, truth, humility, peace, manifestation, gratitude, kindness, joy, positivity.


The Magick of Bluebells

Bluebells are one of the first flowers of Spring, blooming towards the end of April and throughout May. Use the magick of bluebells in your Beltane rituals.

Some other common names for bluebells include wild hyacinth, fairy flower, cuckoo's boots, witches' bells, lady's thimble, harebell and wood bell.

Bluebells are associated with faeries. Plant them in your garden to attract faeries. Do not pick wild bluebells for you may anger the fae (plus it's also illegal to pick wild bluebells in the U.K. since they are a protected species). It was thought that children who picked bluebells would be whisked away to the realm of the fae.

If you work with the fae leave offerings for them under a patch of bluebells. Or leave items that you would like to be enchanted or blessed by faeries near some wild bluebells.

It is believed that faeries ring the bluebells to call forth other faerie folk. So be very careful to not trample or trod on any bluebells for the fae may cast mischievous spells on you.

If you happen hear bluebells ringing it could be an omen of death.

If you come across a woodland adorned with bluebells, sit quietly and meditate to connect with the spirit of the flower.

"There is a silent eloquence

In every wild bluebell

That fills my softened heart with bliss

That words could never tell."

The Bluebell by Anne Brontë

Bluebells are associated with everlasting love. Be sure to use them in love spells. Turn a bluebell flower inside out without tearing the petals to win the heart of someone you desire.

It is believed that anyone wearing a garland of bluebells must tell the truth. Use them in spells or rituals to reveal the truth.

White bluebells are connected to the Moon, used for innocence, purity, and illumination.

Use bluebells in dream pillows or charm bags to prevent nightmares.

Bluebells have a very intoxicating floral aroma and can be used in potpourri to bring positivity, joy and peace to one’s home.

“The blue bell is the sweetest flower

That waves in summer air;

Its blossoms have the mightiest power

To soothe my spirit's care.”

The Bluebell by Emily Brontë


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