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An angelic crystal of peace and harmony.


Receptive energy



Crown & Throat Chakra

Gemini & Libra

Dreamwork, sleep, calming, soothing, peace, clarity, communication, positivity, harmony, divine wisdom.


The Magick of Celestite

Celestite is a high vibrational crystal that strengthens angelic communication and connection to the divine. Use it if you are looking to increase your connection with your guardian angels.

It is one of the best crystals for increasing your spiritual awareness.

Place celestite on your third eye chakra to tap into your psychic abilities.

Keep a celestite crystal close by when doing tarot or oracle card readings.

Celestite is a soothing stone that eases anxiety. Try meditating while holding celestite for clarity and peace of mind. It makes an effective worry stone.

Use celestite if you are in need of uplifting your spirits and for positive thinking.

Celestite assists with dreamwork, prevents nightmares, encourages dream recall and promotes deep sleep. Keep this crystal with you while you sleep or place it near your bed.

Use celestite in spells for harmony and peace. A celestite crystal placed in the centre of your home will bring harmony to those within.

Celestite can be used in magick for healing. It helps alleviate pain and eliminate toxins. It is very effective in assisting the body in healing from stress related illness.

Celestite aligns your mind, body and spirit and can be used as a reminder to practice mindfulness throughout your daily life.

Since celestite is connected with the throat chakra it aids in communication. Try wearing a celestite pendant that has been cleansed and consecrated using the smoke from dried mint. Mint is also connected with the throat chakra and used for communication.

Do not cleanse celestite in water, instead use the smoke from sage, rosemary, or frankincense. Or place it in the sunlight for an hour or so, but be careful as it will fade in the sunlight. Charge it in the light of the full moon.

Crystals that work well with celestite are angelite, quartz, selenite, aquamarine, blue lace agate and blue chalcedony.


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