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Use Cinnamon to spice up your magickal practice!


Projective energy



Power, love, success, luck, action, inspiration, stimulation, money, prosperity, psychic abilities, divination, healing, strength, protection.


The Magick of Cinnamon

Cinnamon strengthens magick intentions and speeds up spells, so it’s useful for most types of spell work. Cinnamon is commonly used in magick for money, luck, love, divination, healing, strength, and protection.

Use cinnamon oil to anoint candles for love, money, or protection spells. It can also be used to consecrate magickal items and spaces.

Sprinkle some cinnamon powder around the outside of your home for protection.

Make an amulet or talisman using a cinnamon stick. Draw sigils or symbols for your intention on the cinnamon stick. Preferably make this on a Sunday since cinnamon is ruled by the Sun.

Make a magickal ink using cinnamon powder and moon water. This will add strength and success to your written intentions.

Burn cinnamon before casting money spells or as a deity offering. I like to sip cinnamon tea during rituals or spells relating to prosperity and money. Not only does is it raise my vibration but it also helps to ensure a successful outcome in your spellwork.

Cinnamon increases your luck and draws money to you. Anoint your wallet or some money with cinnamon oil. Draw sigils for money, or currency symbols on a cinnamon stick and wrap a money note around it, a $5 dollar bill works well since the number 5 is associated with money and abundance. Place this on your altar, or if you have a dedicated altar to prosperity, or place it in an abundance bowl.

Make a bessom using a cinnamon stick as the handle and hang it above your front door with a red ribbon for protection and to draw in luck.

Use cinnamon in kitchen witchery. Bake with it for comfort, abundance, or love.

Sprinkle some into your morning coffee for an uplifting boost of motivation and to connect with the fire element.

Drink cinnamon, star anise, and yarrow tea before divination to enhance your psychic abilities.

For lust, burn cinnamon as an incense, keep a stick of it under your mattress, or wear cinnamon oil as a perfume.

Use a cinnamon and sugar lip scrub to bring love to you.

For a Love Elixir try this cinnamon, hibiscus, green tea lemonade! Hibiscus is used in magick for love, passion, and harmony. Green tea can be used for energy, love and healing. Lemons are commonly used in magick for purification, love and positivity. Sweeten it with a bit of honey if you desire. Share this elixir with your loved ones, or drink it to attract love in your life.

Cut an apple in half to reveal the pentagram inside, then sprinkle some cinnamon and honey on each half and share this with your significant other to strengthen your love for each other.

Cinnamon is a warming spice so it’s wonderful to use during the winter months.

Make a Yule prosperity charm using a cinnamon stick, dried orange slice, cloves, and green ribbon. Hang this in your home to attract prosperity, or hang it in your Yule tree!

To protect your home around the Winter Solstice and bring abundant blessings, boil some cinnamon sticks, apple slices, cloves, and star anise in a pot of water. Carefully carry the pot around your home, filling each room with its comforting scent. Drink it afterwards and sprinkle some outside of your home.


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