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Clear Quartz

A high vibrational crystal of healing and balance.

Magickal Correspondences:

Projective & Receptive energy

Fire & Water

Sun & Moon

All chakras, especially the Crown chakra

Healing, amplifying, psychic abilities, divination, cleansing, clarity, concentration, meditation, manifestation, transformation.


The Magick of Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is an amplifier. Use it in combination with other crystals in a crystal grid to amplify their power. Use it in spell work and rituals to amplify the overall power of the spell.

This versatile stone can be “programmed” and used in place of any other crystal.

Clear quartz can be used to expand your consciousness and heighten your spirituality.

Clear quartz spheres and pendulums are often used for divination. If you don’t have a crystal sphere you can use any form of clear quartz to scry. When practicing divination try drinking mugwort tea and anoint your divination tools with the tea. Charge them in fresh or dried mugwort in the light of the full moon.

The duality of clear quartz's projective and receptive energy makes it the perfect crystal to use for balance. Try placing a double terminated clear quartz crystal in the palm of each hand while meditating to restore balance.

Clear quartz can also be used for healing, often referred to as the "Master Healer". It's been used to ease pain and headaches, and improve immunity.

Place a clear quartz tumble stone in a glass of water and let it charge in the sunlight from sunrise to sunset. Drink this crystal infusion for health and well-being.

Place a clear quartz tumble stone in a glass of water and let it charge in the moonlight for moon water.

Clear quartz strengthens and protects the auric field. It also clears and aligns all the chakras.

Clear quartz's amplifying energy makes it a perfect crystal to use on the tip of a wand.

Clear quartz absorbs negative energies, be sure to cleanse it often using either water, salt, or smoke.

Clear quartz and sage are extremely effective spiritual cleansers when used together. Try infusing sage in hot water and place a clear quartz crystal in the infusion, let it steep for 3 hours in the sunlight. Use the infusion to ritually cleanse yourself, your space, and any items which need spiritual cleansing.


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