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Crystal Water & Gem Elixirs

By placing a crystal in water, the vibrational patterns, crystalline structure and subtle energy the crystal holds are transferred to the water. Crystal infused water and elixirs are used for healing and spiritual purposes.

***Some crystals are toxic, so be sure to do your research into which gems are safe to use in water. Crystals from the quartz family are generally safe to use. Choose tumbled stones as opposed to the rough raw stones.

If a crystal is not safe for consumption you could instead place the crystals around the water or place the water on a crystal slab, crystal coasters work perfectly for this.

Gem elixirs are made using alcohol such as vodka and used as a tincture which can be stored. While gem or crystal water is made using water and is generally used straight away. 

It’s best to make sure you cleanse and charge your crystals before using them. Do this by running them under water, placing them in a bowl of salt, or burning herbs and cleansing them in its smoke. Charge your crystals under the moonlight or in the sun.

The various uses of gem elixirs and water include: drinking it, applying it directly to the chakra points, using in a spray bottle, anointing magickal items or yourself, add it to your bath water, a foot soak, wash your hair or face with it, give it to your pets to drink, water plants with it, use as an offering when foraging wild plants, apply it to your pulse points. The possibilities are endless.

Crystal infusions can also be made using oil instead of water, however this wouldn’t be ingested. Instead you could use this for anointing, massaging, or in an oil burner. Infusing rose quartz in a carrier oil like jojoba oil would make a perfect massage oil.

Herbs can be added to crystal elixirs or water, be sure to use herbs that correspond to the crystal you're using. For instance you could infuse mint and lemon balm with clear quartz for uplifting, healing energy. Or smoky quartz and ginger for grounding. 

When making your crystal infusions be sure to charge it with your intent through visualisation. 

Place flowers or other natural items around your infusions. For example you could place rose petals around an elixir of rose quartz for love, beauty, and compassion. Or seashells around an infusion of ocean jasper.

Try charging your crystal infusions with sacred symbols, such as the spiral for wisdom and power, or the pentacle for grounding and spiritual empowerment.

You can also charge them with words, for example write “harmony” on a piece of paper and place this under a blue lace agate infusion. I highly suggest reading “Hidden Messages in Water” by Dr. Masaru Emoto for information on how water can be changed through human intent using words, concentration, music, etc.

Use tuning forks to enhance the healing vibrations of your crystal water and elixirs as the healing sound vibrations will further enhance your infusions.

An amethyst infusion can be applied to the face to promote a healthy complexion, or drink it to help open your third eye chakra.

Use clear quartz to purify the mind, body, and spirit.

Drink carnelian infused water for energy and vitality.

Drink shungite water for overall health and well-being.

Try working with different crystal combinations:

Dispel negativity - clear quartz, smoky quartz, and citrine (perfect to use in a spray bottle)

Harmony - blue agate, rose quartz, and amethyst

Grounding - shungite and red jasper

Happiness - citrine, aventurine and rose quartz


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