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Crystals for Dreaming

A list of crystals and their uses for dreaming.

Amethyst: encourages a restful sleep, pleasant dreams, prevents nightmares, dream recall

Black Tourmaline: prevents nightmares, psychic protection

Celestite: vivid dreams, dream recall, prevents nightmares, dream interpretation

Clear Quartz: lucid dreams, messages in dreams, dream recall

Howlite: calming, restful sleep, treats insomnia

Labradorite: vivid dreams, lucid dreams, prevents nightmares

Lapis Lazuli: lucid dreams, prophetic dreams, protection in the astral realm

Moonstone: intuitive dreams, prevents nightmares, restful sleep, prophetic dreams

Rainbow Fluorite: dreams that inspire, clarity and insight

Selenite: lunar energy, deep sleep, prevents nightmares, treats insomnia


How to Use Crystals for Dreaming


  • Add any of the above crystals to dream pillows, or dreaming charm bags.

  • Place them under your pillow, on your nightstand, under your mattress, or under your bed.

  • Place a grid of crystals around your bed.

  • Try holding one in the palm of your hand as you sleep, this can act as a trigger in your dream-state to induce lucid dreaming.

  • Meditate with one of the crystals before going to bed.

  • Try crafting this Lucid Dreaming Charm Bag:


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