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A free-spirited flower that reminds us of abundance, joy, and manifestation.


Projective energy

The Sun & Jupiter


Wishes, manifestation, happiness, joy, resilience, courage, luck, astral awareness, divination, creativity, transformation


How to Use Dandelion in Your Magickal Practice

Dandelion flowers are connected to the sun, and the seeds are connected to the moon.

Blow dandelion seeds facing the full moon to use the lunar energy to amplify your wish.

Drink dandelion tea to enhance psychic powers and promote prophetic dreams.

The roots are linked to spirits and the underworld, drink a tea made from the roots to communicate with spirits or for divination.

Bouquets of dandelions brought into the home will dispel negativity.

Place a dandelion flower on your solar plexus and meditate. 

Burn dandelion flowers before divination.

Ring a white candle with dandelions to bring joy and happiness.

Since dandelions are associated with abundance, they are perfect for money bowl spells.

Make a solar amulet using two ash twigs shaped into an equal-armed cross. Place a dandelion in the centre and bound together with golden thread. Charge this in the sunlight.

Charge a spell bottle for happiness with dandelions and citrine crystals.

Use a dandelion tincture on your face and hair. Dandelions are rich in vitamins, moisturising and prevents acne.


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