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A sacred tree of wisdom and transformation.


Receptive energy




Transformation, death & rebirth, endings & new beginnings, fate, prosperity, protection, blessings, healing, knowledge, wisdom, well-being


The Magick of the Elder Tree

Elder is sacred to the Goddess. Due to this some consider it bad luck to take anything from the tree. If you do wish to gather anything from the elder tree be sure to leave an offering and ask for the trees permission first. Or collect any fallen twigs and leaves.

The elder tree is commonly found growing in the hedgerows throughout the British Isles. Elderflowers bloom May to June and the berries ripen Mid-August to September.

The Celtic Moon month of elder is November 25th to December 22nd. It is the 13th and final lunar cycle in the Celtic Tree Calendar. A time of endings and new beginnings. It is a time for reflection, contemplation and introspection.

Elder is associated with the number five as the elderflower has five petals, five yellow stamens and five sepals which form a little green pentacle. Create a pentacle using fallen elder twigs.

Elderberries are high in vitamin C. They are full of antioxidants and good for your immune system. The berries can be made into a syrup used to treat sore throats and coughs. Due to its astringent properties they're also an effective skin cleanser.

Since elderberries are so healthy try using them in healing spells. Add the berries, flowers, or leaves to a healing bath.

Plant elder in your garden to protect your home from misfortune and harm.

Toss some elder leaves or berries around your property for protection.

Faeries are said to make their homes in elder trees. If you work with the fae you could place offerings for them in an elder tree.

It is believed that you can see the fae if you stand under the elder tree on Midsummer's eve.

Elderflowers are used during Beltane rituals. Adorn a head-dress for Beltane using elderflowers and elder leaves.

Wands are often made using elder wood. Be sure to use wood that has naturally fallen from the tree.

Due to elders connection with the Goddess, it is considered bad luck to burn it

Try making a magickal ink using the berries.

Wine made from the berries aids clairvoyance. Drink some before divination or psychic work.

Make some blessing water or oil by infusing it with elderflowers.


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