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Enchanted Love Oil

An Enchanted Love Oil to attract love into your life.

You Will Need:

  • Rose petals - love, beauty, passion

  • Hibiscus - love, harmony, passion

  • Cinnamon - love, passion, attraction

  • Cloves - love, attraction, beauty, lust

  • Rose essential oil

  • Patchouli essential oil

  • Ylang ylang essential oil

  • Grapeseed oil


How to Make the Oil:

Make this Enchanted Love Oil on a Friday during the waxing Moon.

You may wish to wear the colour red or pink, or wear something you feel beautiful in when crafting this oil. Perhaps wear a pendant or bracelet of rose quartz or clear quartz.

Burn some sage to cleanse yourself, the magickal ingredients for this oil and the space you will be crafting it in.

You could also cleanse the bottle you will be keeping the oil in with some moon water.

Burn some cinnamon or patchouli incense.

Light a red candle that has been cleansed and consecrated.

Ground and centre yourself before you begin.

Start by adding the herbs and rose quartz to the bottle and add the oil last.

When adding each of the items to the bottle be sure to visualise and focus on your intent for this oil. Envision what it is you desire, what love looks and feels like to you. Try to bring awareness to your heart, let it swell with the warmth of loving energy.

To enchant the oil leave it under a hawthorn tree overnight during a full moon, preferably the full moon during the Celtic month of the Hawthorn Moon, May 13th - June 9th, a time of love and empowering relationships. Leave a rose quartz crystal at the base of the tree as a token of thanks.


How to Use This Oil:

- Anoint yourself with the oil.

- Anoint your significant other with the oil too.

- Anoint your heart chakra, wrists, hands, and feet.

- Anoint magickal tools, candles, or your altar when casting love spells.

- Anoint a rose quartz or clear quartz pendant with it.

- Anoint your wedding ring with the oil.

- Write a love letter and anoint the letter with the oil.

- Anoint yourself with the oil before going on a date.

- Anoint the entrance of your home with the oil to allow only loving energies to enter.

- Add a few drops of the oil to a bath (be careful as cinnamon and cloves may irritate skin).

- Burn a few drops of the oil in an oil burner.

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