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Full Moon Tea

Try this Full Moon herbal tea blend to connect yourself with divine lunar energy.


Mugwort - psychic abilities, astral realm, dream work, ruled by the Moon

Rose petals - psychic abilities, dream work, lunar energy, water element

Jasmine flowers - psychic abilities, astral realm, dream work, water element

Lavender - calmness, psychic abilities, dream work, tranquility


How to Make this Full Moon Tea

Drink this tea while basking in the light of the full moon. Take the time to align yourself with the moon's energy. This herbal tea blend will enhance the effects of the full moon’s energy on you.

Gather the herbs for this tea and leave them to charge in a selenite bowl or charging plate. Or place the herbs in a bowl with a selenite tumblestone. I use equal amounts of each dried herb listed above. For one cup I would use a teaspoon of each, sometimes I double the mugwort. Feel free to adjust the amounts to your preference.

After leaving the herbs to charge grind them together using a mortar and pestle, mixing in a clockwise direction.

While combining the herbs in the mortar and pestle charge the herbal blend with your intent for this tea. Visualise the herbs glowing with a silvery blue light. Focus on imbuing the tea with the moon's energy.

Make up a big batch and charge this under the light of the full moon. Store a clear quartz or amethyst tumble stone with this tea blend.

You could try steeping this tea by leaving it to charge overnight in the full moon's light, then drink it in the morning. This will allow the tea to soak up the moon’s energy even further.

Try adding this herbal blend to a bath along with some moon water and sea salt for a magickal full moon bath.

***Don't drink mugwort if you are pregnant or breastfeeding***


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