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Green Aventurine

A stone of luck and good fortune.


Projective energy


Mercury & Venus

Aries, Taurus, Virgo

Heart chakra

Luck, prosperity, success, abundance, opportunities, calming, happiness, gratitude, peace, healing, creativity.


The Magick of Green Aventurine

Green aventurine absorbs harmful electro-magnetic frequencies.

This crystal eases anxiety and helps balance emotions.

Carry green aventurine with you to promote optimism and happiness.

Aventurine is considered a stone of good luck.

Used in money magick to attract money and abundance.

Can be used to overcome obstacles and generate new opportunities for success.

Carry green aventurine with you during a job interview for good luck.

Helps heal the heart chakra and encourages gratitude and compassion. Wear a pendant of green aventurine close to your heart.

Use green aventurine for creative inspiration. Wear it or keep it close by when starting creative projects.

Try making green aventurine infused water using a tumblestone to reap its benefits.

Green aventurine is connected to nature. Place it on your nature altar or take it with you on nature walks.

Green aventurine can be used to remove negative and toxic relationships.

Since green aventurine is ruled by the element of air, cleanse it with smoke by burning cleansing herbs such as rosemary or sage. Charge it in the light of the full moon.

Green aventurine works well with citrine. Use them in combination for luck, prosperity, and positivity.

Combine green aventurine, pyrite and citrine to make a prosperity crystal grid.

Use green aventurine with rose quartz and malachite for self-love.


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