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An enchanted tree steeped in Faerie folklore.


Projective energy




Love, luck, marriage, hope, cleansing, purification, enchantment, fertility, protection, transformation, wisdom, peace, patience.


The Magick of Hawthorn

The berries, leaves, and blossoms of the Hawthorn are edible. The berries, also called “haws”, are good for heart health and full of antioxidants. The leaves and flowers can also be consumed or made into a tea. Try adding the fresh young leaves of the Hawthorn to salads.

Since the berries are connected with the heart and healing the heart, they are perfect to use to help heal your heart chakra. In the Spring try drinking a tea made from the young leaves and blossoms of the Hawthorn, just a sprig or two will do for one tea. In Autumn make a tea from the berries.

The Hawthorn tree is protected by Faeries and is regarded as being a portal to their world. It is considered very bad luck to chop one down.

When foraging from the Hawthorn always be sure to ask the tree if it’s okay before taking anything from it. Of course it’s always good practice to leave an offering after taking anything from nature. Since Hawthorn is the magickal protector of small birds you could leave offerings of birdseed.

The Hawthorn is connected with Beltane, and often used in fertility rites in the Springtime. Hawthorn is also referred to as the May Tree since it comes into bloom at the start of May. Some Celtic traditions believe it’s bad luck to take anything from the tree unless it’s done on May Day. Adorn the outside of your home with its blossoms on May Eve. Tie a ribbon or piece of fabric on a Hawthorn branch as an offering to the Fae and the tree sprit and to ask for blessings. Before sunrise on May 1st wash your face with the early morning dew of Hawthorn for beauty.

The Celtic Moon month of Hawthorn is during May 13th - June 9th. This is an ideal time for love and fertility magick, empowering relationships, and renewing intimacy.

Some consider it bad luck to bring Hawthorn blossoms into your home. Instead, try hanging a Hawthorn branch outside above your front door to keep negative spirits away.

Hawthorn is often used as hedging in England, to border and mark territorial boundaries in the land. Toss Hawthorn berries or leaves around an area for protection, perhaps around the outside of your home or when circle casting. You could also grind them into a powder and use that instead.

String dried Hawthorn berries on a red or black string as a protection amulet. Carry it with you, hang it on the front door of your home, or place it on your altar.

The thorns are used for spiritual and psychic protection. Use them to etch into protection candles or add them to spell bottles for protection.

Wands made from Hawthorn wood are perfect to use in love, fertility, healing, and protection magick.

You can enchant objects by placing them in a Hawthorn tree. Try doing this on a full moon. Be sure to do this with respect to the tree, and leave an offering in return.

Hawthorn can help one overcome emotional turmoil. Use Hawthorn on a regular basis if you are struggling with your emotions.

Anoint your heart chakra with a carrier oil such as grapeseed or sweet almond oil infused with Hawthorn berries.

Boil about a quarter cup of dried Hawthorn berries in a litre of water for 15-20 minutes. Drink this magickal concoction on a regular basis to heal your heart chakra.

Make a heart chakra healing pouch by cutting green fabric into 2 equal sized heart shapes. Fill it with Hawthorn leaves, blossoms and/or berries and a rose quartz crystal. Stitch it together with white string. Carry it with you or try meditating with the pouch placed on your heart chakra. You could also enchant it by placing it in a Hawthorn tree overnight.

Image: Pink Hawthorn


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