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This festive tree is connected with the Winter Solstice and used for protection, prophecy, and sacrifice.


Projective energy

Mars & Saturn


Protection, sacrifice, rebirth, healing, divination, prophecy, consecration, courage, balance, renewal, luck, intuition, death, strength, unity.


The Magick of Holly

Holly is commonly associated with the Winter season. Use holly to decorate the home for the Winter Solstice to bring protection and good luck.

Do not bring holly inside before the eve of the Winter Solstice or there will be disharmony in the home.

The Summer Solstice is associated with the the Oak King and the Winter Solstice is the Holly King. The Holly King reigns from the Summer Solstice to the Winter Solstice, the dark half of the year. The Oak King reigns from the Winter Solstice to the Summer Solstice.

Burn the holly from Yule on the eve of Imbolc to protect the home and bring good luck. Keep a sprig to hang outside of your home to protect the house for the year ahead.

Cutting down a holly tree is considered bad luck. It is also considered unlucky to burn holly branches when they are green.

A wreath of holly brings protection to the home. Create a wreath of holly and ivy and place this on your front door for Winter blessings and protection.

Holly berries symbolise the life-giving blood of the Mother Goddess, therefore making it useful in fertility spells.

Holly leaves without any spikes are considered masculine and leaves with spikes are female.

Holly represents personal sacrifice in order to gain something of greater value.

Holly reminds us to stay emotionally balanced in order to reach wise decisions in situations.

Holly can be used to overcome feelings of hatred, jealousy, revenge and holding grudges by opening our heart chakra and making us more compassionate.

The wood of the holly tree is used for wands to banish unwanted entities.

When magickally paired with ivy they represent male and female energy.

Soak nine holly leaves overnight in a bowl of water and leave under the full Moon. Use a sprig of holly to sprinkle the water around the house for psychic cleansing and protection.

Holly planted near your home brings protection from negative spirits.

Cast a circle using holly berries for protection.

Holly leaves can be used to consecrate magickal tools and items. Especially the athame. Burn holly leaves and pass your athame through its flame.

Wrap three holly leaves in linen and knot it three times, place it under your pillow to make your dreams come true.

If you dream of picking holly it is believed that you will live a long life.

Holly can be used to strengthen your intuition. Meditate holding the wood of a holly tree, or try creating runes with it.

Holly when carried by men will bring them good luck.

“Of all the trees that are in the wood, the Holly bears the crown.” The Holly and the Ivy

***Please note holly is poisonous so do not ingest it.***


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