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Home Blessings Spray

An aromatherapy spray for home blessings.

You will need:


Make this home blessings spray on a Sunday, during the waxing or full moon.

If you like you could light a white candle that has been cleansed and consecrated while you create this elixir.

It is also a good idea to cleanse yourself before making this home blessings spray to ensure your energy is cleansed and purified. You could have a bath and add some salt and rosemary to your bath water.

Cleanse the spray bottle by burning some sage.

For the ingredients listed above you could use either essential oils or dried herbs. I used essential oils for mine. I added 3 drops of each essential oil and a teaspoon of sea salt.

Be sure to cleanse and charge the clear quartz crystal you will be adding to the spray bottle beforehand. You could also use clear quartz crystal chips.

I used snow water in my home blessings spray, but if you don’t have snow water you could use full moon water or regular water.

When adding each of the ingredients to your spray bottle be sure to do so with intention. Ask that they provide blessings to you and your home.

Once everything has been added give the bottle a good shake to empower it.

Charge this home blessings spray in the sunlight for about an hour.

Spray this elixir in each room of your home. Be sure to spray it around your front and back door, and windows too.

While using this home blessings spray ask the divine to bless your home. Visualise a golden white light filling each room.

I like to use this spray every Sunday to bless my home, remove negative energies that may have built up over the week and invite positive energy into my home.

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