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Inner Peace Spell

A simple candle spell for inner peace.

You will need:

- Lavender

- Vervain

- Angelica root

- Frankincense EO

- Lepidolite

- Clear quartz

- White candle


Perform this spell on a Sunday, or on a new moon. 

Start by burning some sage to cleanse the area of any negative energy.

Etch your initials and a symbol for peace onto your candle, then anoint the candle with frankincense essential oil. Frankincense is a powerful spiritual cleanser that wards away negativity. While you are preparing your candle, really focus on your intent for this spell. Visualise infusing the candle with peaceful calming energy.

Cast a circle around your candle using the herbs. Lavender is associated with peace and tranquility. Vervain calms the emotions and relieves anxiety. Angelica root is used for divine protection and brings inner balance.

Light the candle then hold the lepidolite in your left hand and the clear quartz in your right. Lepidolite brings peace, relieves stress and dispels negative energy. Clear quartz is a healing stone that aligns the chakras and encourages harmony.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. On each in-breath focus on drawing in positive, healing energy. On each out-breath release any tension and stress that you have inside of you. Think about what makes you feel at peace.

Continue the visualisation for as long as you need. You can say an incantation at this point if you wish, even something as simple as "I am calm and peaceful." Let the candle burn out if you’re using a chime candle. Or use a candle snuffer and re-light it whenever you feel you need to. 

Gather the herbs that you cast around your candle and place them into a sachet along with the lepidolite and quartz. Place the sachet under your pillow when you go to sleep that night.


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