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A magickal stone for psychic abilities and protection...


Receptive energy



Crown Chakra

Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio

Intuition, Goddess Energy, Lunar Power, Divine Inspiration, Calming, Love, Travel, Hope, Dreamwork, Protection, Healing, Fertility

Black Moonstone: new beginnings, psychic protection, New Moon magick

Rainbow Moonstone: spiritual development, enhances psychic abilities, lucid dreaming, Full Moon magick

Peach Moonstone: calming, balances emotions, self love, Full Moon magick


The Magick of Moonstone

Moonstone is a feldspar which comes in various colours.

Moonstone enhances feminine energy, increases fertility, eases childbirth, relieves menstrual problems, and balances hormones.

Moonstone cleanses and removes negativity from your aura.

Moonstone balances the mind, body, and spirit. Try meditating while holding one in your hand.

Use moonstone to better understand and control your emotions.

Work with moonstone to draw love into your life.

Gift a moonstone to your significant other on a Full Moon to strengthen your love for each other.

Sleep with a moonstone under your pillow to prevent nightmares, especially useful for children. If you have trouble sleeping hold a moonstone in your hand while you sleep.

Enchant a moonstone necklace as a protective amulet.

Wear moonstone jewellery on a Monday to bring good luck. It is also considered good luck to wear a moonstone and silver ring.

Wear moonstone to enhance your psychic abilities. It’s a powerful stone for divination, use a pendulum or runes made from moonstone.

Use a rainbow moonstone sphere for divination. Light a candle and observe the reflection of the candle light on the moonstone's surface. Or place moonstone around a clear quartz sphere.

To enhance prophecy wear moonstone during a Waning Moon.

On a Full Moon place a moonstone in a black cauldron filled with water. Light a white candle and place this near the cauldron. Scry the water and the reflections of the flame and full moon light.

Use a moonstone wand for lunar rituals and to draw down the Moon.

Make a powerful Full Moon elixir using moonstone, selenite, clear quartz, mugwort, sage, and white rose petals. Place into a small glass bottle and fill with water. Tie a silver ribbon around the bottle. Leave to charge under the Full Moon light. Use this elixir for cleansing crystals, ritual tools, your altar, anointing candles. Just don’t drink this elixir as the water infused with moonstone and selenite could be toxic to ingest.

To bring balance, meditate while holding a moonstone in your left hand and a sunstone in your right hand. Focus on the feminine energy of the moonstone and the masculine energy of the sunstone in perfect balance.

Moonstone is useful for gardeners because of its association with the Moon and fertility. Wear one while gardening, bury it in your garden, or hang it from a branch in your garden. When doing so, visualise your garden growing abundantly.

Moonstone works well in combination with quartz, labradorite, sunstone, and silver.


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