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Motivation Spell Bottle

A spell bottle for motivation. To manifest the drive and ambition to be productive and stop procrastination.

You will need:

Chicory root - remove obstacles

Coffee - energy, grounding, inspiring

Cinnamon - success, energy

Bay leaf - wishes, goals, manifesting

Rosemary - focus, cleansing

Mint - freshness, strength

Lemon balm - balance, eases anxiety, aids in problem solving. Associated with bees (bees are a symbol of hard work)

Tiger’s Eye - courage, motivation, energy

Orange candle - motivation, ambition, success

We can all use a little motivation from time to time. Especially during the cold winter months. When the Earth seems to be quietly sleeping in hibernation, it’s only natural for us to feel less productive and in need of some rest too.

After Winter when the first signs of Spring appear is a perfect time to find inspiration, re-awaken yourself and get back to being productive again.

This spell bottle will help spark that motivational energy within yourself again, giving you the drive and ambition to get things done.

So what are you waiting for? Work with the natural cycles of the seasons and nurture the divine light of inspiration growing within you, let it manifest into motivation. Use that motivation to fulfil your heart’s desires!

How to make this motivation spell bottle:

Spells focused on motivation, productivity, or accomplishing goals is best done on a Saturday during the Waxing Crescent Moon.

Ground and centre yourself, cast a circle, call the quarters, or do whatever you would normally do to prepare for spellwork.

To make this spell bottle, first start by burning some rosemary or sage to cleanse the bottle, the space you are crafting in, and yourself.

Trace and cut out a small piece of paper that will fit the bottom of your bottle. Draw a spiral symbol on this piece of paper and anoint it with some rosemary or peppermint essential oil. The spiral symbol is a symbol of life, energy, and spiritual development. It will help to amplify the motivational energy of this spell bottle.

Set your intention for this spell. What does motivation mean to you, what will it take for you to start being more productive? Remember a time when you were motivated. Where did your motivational energy come from? Then start to add each of the items to your spell bottle with intent, starting with the spiral symbol. If you wish you can recite aloud each item you are adding to your spell bottle and what purpose it serves to this spell.

Once all the items have been added, seal it with the wax from the orange candle. Before lighting the candle you can anoint it and carve the spiral symbol or even the word “motivation” into your candle.

Once sealed, burn some cinnamon or rosemary and pass the spell bottle through the smoke and say, “Air to inspire” then pass the spell bottle through the flame of your orange candle and say, “Fire to bring desire”. Set your spell bottle on top of an Ace of Swords tarot card (representing breakthroughs, clarity, ideas, and opportunity) then say, “motivation, concentration, and dedication flow through me. So mote it be!” Leave your spell bottle to charge for 3 hours in the light of the sun on top of the tarot card.

Keep your spell bottle someplace you can see it everyday. Give it a shake or hold it in your hands when needing some motivational energy. Try meditating with it in the sunlight.

***Please remember that this spell, like all spells, can be altered to what suits you. Make this spell yours by replacing or incorporating magickal items that have meaning to you. Use your wisdom, experience, and intuition to change this spell up so that it resonates with you. We’re all different! I hope this has given you some inspiration. Blessed be xoxo

2 commentaires

Frazer Hammond
Frazer Hammond
27 sept. 2021

Please fill a jar for me.


JaSi Bartles
JaSi Bartles
22 août 2021

This is beautiful. I will be including this spell in my spell kits.

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