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Sacred herb used in all forms of dreamwork. Powerful psychic stimulator.

Magickal Correspondences

Receptive energy

Venus & the Moon

Earth element

Taurus & Libra

Third Eye Chakra

Lucid dreams, astral travel, divination, psychic powers, protection


The Magick of Mugwort

Drink mugwort tea or smoke dried mugwort before bed for vivid and lucid dreams, also helps with dream re-call. Make a dream pillow using mugwort.

Mugwort aids in prophecy, burn as an incense during divination practices. Or drink mugwort tea to promote psychic visions.

Mugwort opens the third eye chakra, burn as an incense or smoke before meditation.

Connected to lunar magick, use mugwort in full moon rituals.

Add mugwort to a ritual bath, will help to promote intense and prophetic dreams.

Hang a bundle of mugwort above your bed for spiritual protection and astral travel.

Throw mugwort onto your summer solstice bonfire for good luck and prosperity.

Infuse mugwort in a carrier oil and anoint your third eye chakra, helps to stimulate psychic abilities.

Consecrate your magickal tools in mugwort infused water.

Associated with female cycles. Brings on delayed menstruation and relieves menstrual cramps.

***Don't drink mugwort if you are pregnant or breastfeeding***


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