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Nettles are often overlooked but contain many magickal and medicinal uses.


Projective energy


Pluto & Mars

Aries & Scorpio

Awareness, banishing, boundaries, courage, energy, healing, justice, meditation, protection, purification, security, self-awareness, the underworld, vitality



The Magick of Nettles


Nettles are most commonly used in magick for protection. Use them in protection spells and rituals. Add them to protection bottles, or bathe in dried nettles and sea salt for a protective bath.


Stinging nettles obviously sting so do be careful when handling them. If you are stung by nettles try rubbing dock leaves on the affected area. The sting from nettles can be removed by drying or cooking them.

Image: Stinging nettles

Nettles are extremely healthy. They're filled with vitamins and minerals. The fresh young leaves and seeds of nettles can be consumed. Nettles are used to treat inflammation, arthritis, allergies, skin conditions, and hair loss.


Forage nettle leaves in Spring.  The seeds can be foraged late August to early Autumn.


Nettles help boost immunity. Boil the leaves in water to make nettle tea or add them to healing soups and stews.

Drink nettle tea before meditating to increase your awareness.

 Image: Stinging nettles

The seeds can be made into a tincture which can be used as a natural health tonic.


Make a nettle infusion by adding 1/4 cup of dried nettles to 1 litre of boiled water. Allow this infusion to steep overnight, about 12 hours. Strain the nettle infusion and drink it in the morning to support health and well-being.


Infuse nettles in water and use this as a herbal hair rinse to stimulate hair growth, or add it to your bath water.

Image: White dead-nettle

You can make string from nettle. Nettle string is very powerful in cord and knot magick. Try making a protective amulet by hanging a hagstone using nettle string in your home.


Allow nettles to grow around your home for protection, or toss nettle leaves around the perimeter.


Burn nettle to dispel negative energies and overcome fear.


Brew up some nettles in your cauldron to make a simple protection potion. For additional protective energy add some brambles and salt but don't ingest it, instead sprinkle it around an area for protection or anoint objects with it.


Image: Purple dead-nettle

Nettles can be used against energy vampires and to set boundaries with people.


Carrying nettle with you will keep you safe from negativity.


Use nettles for courage. The common saying "to grasp the nettle" means finding the courage to do something difficult.

Try making some of this protection oil which contains nettles, sage, mugwort, rosemary, and frankincense:

Image: Stinging nettles and white dead-nettles


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