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Peaceful Home Spell Bottle

A spell bottle for peace and harmony within the home.

You will need:

Lavender - peace, tranquility, harmony

Calendula - happiness, joy, healing

Rosemary - clarity, love, cleansing

Yarrow - love, protection, good luck

Angelica root - harmony, protection, blessings

Vervain - peace, blessings, love

Himalayan salt - removes negative energy, protection

Clear quartz - amplifying, cleansing, healing

Light blue candle (to seal the bottle) - harmony, peace, tranquility


Moon phase - Waxing Gibbous - peace, harmony

Day of the week - Friday - peace, harmony, calming


  • Cleanse the bottle first with smoke by burning a cleansing herb such as rosemary.

  • Add a small piece of paper with your written intention into the spell bottle. I drew the rune symbol “Jera” for peace and happiness, and on the other side I wrote my intention, “peace and harmony within the home”. I anointed the paper with rosemary oil and folded it in half three times.

  • When adding the herbs, salt, and clear quartz to your spell bottle remember to add each one mindfully and with intent.

  • When sealing the spell bottle with candle wax recite an incantation at this point if you wish. I chose to say "This bottle brings peace and harmony to everyone in this home. So mote it be."

  • Once the spell bottle has been sealed with candle wax, hold it in your hands and visualise it emitting a light blue glow that surrounds your home with peaceful harmonious energy.

  • You could also anoint your sealed spell bottle with some full moon water.

  • Leave this spell bottle by your front door, or in a room that your family spends the most time together. 

  • You can always substitute any of the items in this spell bottle for whatever feels right for you.


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