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Protection Amulet

An amulet is an ancient magickal tool used to bring protection to the wearer, keeping them safe from any evil, negative, or unwanted energy.

For this protection amulet use an item of jewellery, preferably one with a gemstone or crystal that represents protection. For mine I chose a moonstone bracelet with labradorite, aquamarine, and rose quartz. I find moonstone to be a very protective stone, so choose one that you associate with protection.

You will also need an herb that corresponds with protection. I chose to use mugwort for its protective properties. Mugwort can be used as a charm to protect against evil and misfortune. Mugwort also works well with moonstone. Choose an herb that represents protection to you, such as rosemary, sage, or juniper.

Protection magick is best done on a Tuesday, ruled by Mars. The Full Moon is the best Lunar phase for protection magick. Even better if the Moon is in your sun sign.

Prepare for this spell by grounding and centering, casting a circle, calling the quarters, or what ever you would normally do to prepare for spellwork. Since you will be creating an amulet for protection it’s a good idea to be in a state of mind where you are feeling empowered. You may want to have a representation of all four elements in their corresponding cardinal direction. Working with the elements will aid in protection magick.

Spread a layer of your chosen herb on a tray or a plate, then place a black chime candle or small tapered candle in the centre (making sure none of the herbs are close enough to it to catch fire when the candle burns down). You may wish to etch protective symbols into your candle and anoint it with some protection oil. I make my own protection oil using a blend of protective herbs in a carrier oil, you could instead use an essential oil such as rosemary or frankincense.

Draw a pentacle on a small piece of paper, anoint the 4 corners with your protection oil and place this symbol by your black candle. Use a natural ink if you can, such as one made from blackberries, dragon's blood resin, or even walnut shells.

Cleanse your selected piece of crystal jewellery. I burned some mugwort and cleansed it in it’s smoke. Be sure to cleanse your hands in the smoke too since you will be working with them. You could also cleanse your amulet with some full moon water, snow water, or water that has been infused with protective herbs.

After cleansing, hold your amulet in your hands and ask that it protect you from negative and unwanted energy. Continue holding your amulet and putting your intent into it until you intuitively feel like the amulet has been “programmed” with your desire. If you work with any deities you may wish to ask for their assistance too.

Place your amulet around the black candle. Recite an incantation for protection at this point if you wish, or simply state your intention aloud. I chose to say, “This amulet brings me protection from negative and unwanted energies. With harm to none. So mote it be.

Light your candle and allow it to burn down. Be sure to stay with your candle while it's lit. Meditate on your desire and intent for your amulet. Visualise and sense your amulets energy growing and protecting you. Relax in knowing that you are safe.

Once the candle has burned down wear your amulet then gather the remaining herbs, the pentacle (fold it in half 3 times), and left over candle wax if there is any. Place them all into a small cloth bag and sleep with it under your pillow that night. Be sure to sleep with your protection amulet on that night to allow it to connect with you further.

In the morning take the remaining herbs, candle wax, and pentacle and bury them in your garden. Thank your deities, guardians, the universe, whichever you work with. Be sure to cleanse your amulet often or whenever you feel it needs it.

And remember, as with all rituals and spellwork feel free to make any changes to this that you want. Use your intuition, knowledge, and experience to really make this spell yours! Since you're going to be making a protection amulet for yourself, it's important that you connect with what you are creating. I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration to make your own protection amulet. Blessed be xoxo

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Kristie Townsend
Kristie Townsend
Dec 18, 2021


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