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Protection Oil

Craft your own powerful Protection Oil for use in rituals and spells for protection.

You Will Need:



Grapeseed oil

A crystal for protection (such as black tourmaline, obsidian, or shungite)


To Make the Protection Oil

Protection magick is best done on a Tuesday, Saturday, or Sunday. Tuesday is ruled by Mars, the planetary archetype of the Roman god of war, representing courage, strength, and warriors. Saturday is ruled by Saturn, representing longevity, boundaries, karma, and protection. Sunday is ruled by the Sun, representing life, health, success, and can be used to invoke protection. The Full Moon is a good Lunar phase for doing protection magick. Even better if the Moon is in your sun sign.

Gather the items you will need for this protection oil. I chose to use frankincense resin and essential oil, but either one will do. I also used both dried rosemary and rosemary essential oil. I used dried nettles, mugwort and sage. You can substitute any of the ingredients I chose for ones that you associate with protection. Whatever resonates with you will work best. I used about a teaspoon of everything since I was doing a small batch.

Choose a crystal that represents protection to you, such as black tourmaline, obsidian, or shungite. I made my protection oil using shungite.

Start by burning some sage or rosemary incense to cleanse the items, yourself, and the space you will be crafting in.

Ground and centre yourself before you start. You may also wish to call the quarters and cast a circle for protection. Or do what you would normally do to prepare for spellwork.

Grind the herbs together in a mortar and pestle, combining them together in a clockwise direction. This will help activate the herbs. When adding each of the items to the oil be sure to add them with intent. Ask that they keep you safe and protected.

Charge the protection oil in the light of the Full Moon. You could also place several crystals for protection around the oil while it’s charging, or while you’re not using it. Try placing a ring of black salt around the oil while it's charging. You could also place a protection ward on the protection oil to further boost its protective power.

You could either keep the herbs in the oil or strain them after about 2 weeks of infusing them in the oil. If you strain out the herbs the oil will have a longer shelf-life.


Ideas for Using the Protection Oil

  • Use it for protection rituals and spells.

  • Anoint your chakra points, hands, feet, back of the neck, and items that you want protected.

  • Draw a pentacle with the oil on the front door of your home.

  • Anoint spell candles for protection with it.

  • Use the oil to anoint crystals for protection.

  • Use it to anoint a Protection Amulet.

  • Add a bit of the oil to your bath water for a protective bath.

  • Try tracing the runic symbol for protection, Algiz, with this oil to amplify its power.

  • Using the oil, trace a protection sigil or symbol that you associate with protection on an image or photograph of someone that you would like to have protected.

  • Anoint a pentacle necklace with the oil for protection.

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