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Psychic Abilities Spell Jar

Create this spell jar to enhance your psychic abilities.

You will need:




Sea salt

Purple candle


How to Craft This Spell Jar

The herbs and crystal that I’ve chosen for this spell jar all have properties that are known to enhance your psychic abilities.

Create this spell jar on a Monday, preferably on a full or waxing Moon. Do so at night, when the Moon has risen.

Ground and centre yourself before you begin, or do what you would normally do to prepare for spell-work.

You could wear some crystal jewellery which has properties that boost your psychic abilities. I wore my amethyst necklace that I wear only for spell-work and rituals.

Try brewing up this psychic tea blend to sip while creating this spell jar.

Burn some incense or essential oils that boost your psychic awareness, such as cinnamon, frankincense, or peppermint.

Burn some sage or rosemary to energetically cleanse yourself, the space in which you are creating this spell jar, the items you will be adding and the spell jar itself. You could cleanse the jar and the amethyst using some Moon water if you have it.

Take your purple candle and hold it in your hands to charge it with your intent for this spell. You may find it helpful to do some visualisation of your third eye opening or focus on an image or symbol that you associate with psychic abilities, such as the Moon, a crystal ball, or the High Priestess tarot card. Then light your candle.

When adding each of the items to your spell jar be sure to add them with intent, focusing on your desired outcome for this spell. You could also add a sigil for psychic abilities to your spell jar, or a symbol that you associate with psychic abilities.

Once all of the items have been added to the spell jar, seal it with the wax from your candle. Allow the candle to burn down if you’re using a chime candle or tea light, if you’re using a larger candle just snuff it out.

After I had sealed my spell jar and while my candle was still burning down I decided to do an Oracle card pull from the Druid Plant Oracle deck and I drew the Mugwort card. I thought this was very fitting considering mugworts properties and that it's one of the ingredients in this spell bottle and the psychic tea blend I was drinking.

Anoint this spell jar with this Vision Oil blend.

Charge your spell jar in the light of the full Moon. The full Moon in Pisces would be ideal.

Keep this spell jar on your altar. Have it close by when doing psychic work, whether that’s scrying, tarot reading, or using a pendulum for example. Try meditating with it to boost your psychic awareness. Place it by your bed for prophetic dreams.

Building on your psychic abilities takes time and practice, this spell jar will help you along that journey.


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