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A sacred tree of inspiration and protection...


Receptive energy

Sun, Mercury, Uranus

Earth & Fire

Protection, inspiration, healing, creativity, spirit awakening, astral realm, blessings, divination, knowledge, success, guidance, insight, enchantment, visions, fertility, challenges, forgiveness.


The Magick of the Rowan Tree

The red berries of the Rowan tree contain a pentagram on the bottom symbolising protection. They’re very effective when used to protect yourself from any evil or negative energies.

The Rowan has both feminine and masculine aspects, but it is more commonly associated with Goddess energy.

Druids used incense made from Rowan wood to conjure spirits.

A Rowan tree planted in the garden provides the home and family with fairy blessings and fae protection.

Use Rowan berries in creative inspiration spells, especially when looking for inspiration in your craft. For spiritual inspiration try going for a walk in nature when the Rowan berries are present, take 3 of the berries and hold onto them for the duration of your walk. Walk mindfully and pay attention to the energy of the Rowan berries. After your walk, place the berries on your altar.

Make a Rowan berry tea for healing and power. Try grinding dried Rowan berries and adding them to healing soups or stews.

Make a pentagram using 5 Rowan twigs, bound the sticks together using red thread. Let it sit outside for a night underneath a Rowan, preferably on a full moon to further enchant this protection charm. Hang this in your home or on your altar for protection.

Place fallen Rowan branches above the doorway of your house for protection from evil and negative energy.

Create a wreath using Rowan and keep this on your door or near your altar for protection.

Create a protection charm by tying together 8 Rowan twigs using a red ribbon or string and knot it together 3 times while asking the spirits of the Rowan tree to protect you from harm.

If you suspect another witch is doing magick against you with ill intentions, carry Rowan berries with you for protection. Or string together 13 Rowan berries on red string and wear this or keep it with you.

Meditate under a Rowan tree for spiritual insight.

I like to keep Rowan branches on my altar when the berries are present. It inspires me on my path and brings spiritual insight and wisdom.

Place Rowan berries around a white candle and scry using the flames of the candle, the Rowan berries aids divination and encourages visions.

Hang a protection amulet on a Rowan tree to charge it with Rowan’s protective properties.

Use a Rowan wand for your spellwork. Carve a pentacle in it and tie a red ribbon round the bottom.

A simple spell for spiritual protection:

  • 13 Rowan berries

  • Rowan leaves

  • Red candle

  • Frankincense essential oil

  1. Carve a pentacle into the red candle. The pentacle being a powerful symbol of protection.

  2. Anoint the candle with the frankincense essential oil. Frankincense is used for protection and to repel negative energies.

  3. Place 13 Rowan berries around your candle, 13 being a number of protection for witches. Then place the Rowan leaves in a circle around the candle too.

  4. Light your candle and focus on your intent. Recite an incantation at this point if you wish, such as “spirits of the Rowan tree, I ask that you guard and protect me. That is my will, so mote it be”.

  5. Once the candle has burned down, scatter the Rowan berries and leaves outside the entrance to your home.

***When foraging for plants to use in your craft always be sure to leave an offering, and ask the plant for permission before taking anything from it. If you’re foraging for branches or wood, take fallen ones if possible. And be sure to give thanks.


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