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A high vibration crystal that embodies divine lunar energy.


The Moon

Water Element

Crown and Third Eye Chakras


Purifying, cleansing, healing, protection, intuition, clears negative energy


Associated with lunar Goddess energy.

Connected to the angelic realm.

Keep a piece of selenite on you to cleanse your aura.

Use selenite during full moon rituals. 

Meditate holding a piece of selenite to bring clarity and peace of mind.

Use a selenite wand to clear your aura of unwanted energy.

Keep a piece of selenite with your tarot cards to cleanse and protect them.

Use selenite to cleanse and charge your crystals.

Selenite amplifies the effects of other crystals, making them perfect for crystal grids.

Hold a selenite crystal in your left hand and a black tourmaline crystal in your right hand.  The selenite will cleanse and purify your energy and the black tourmaline will dispel any negative energy.


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