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An ancient stone of miracles.



Earth element

All the chakras

Taurus, Capricorn

Protection, healing, detoxification, grounding, cleansing, balancing, well-being


The Magick of Shungite

Shungite is a natural water purifier. It restores and reactivates water. 

Drink shungite water every morning to revitalise and boost your overall well-being. Leave shungite in water for 3 days before drinking.  

Shungite protects you from electromagnetic radiation, such as those emitted from wifi, computers, or cellphones.

Keep shungite by your wifi router.

Wear earrings or bracelets of shungite to protect you from the electromagnetic waves emitted by your cellphone.

Keep a piece of shungite in the same pocket you keep your phone. Or you can buy a shungite sticker to attach it directly to your phone.

Hold shungite while meditating to strengthen your auric field.

Place shungite on any chakra to bring balance to it.

Use in bath water for general health and well-being. Especially useful when feeling lethargic.

Shungite powder is used in skin care products for its ability to repair your skin. Use shungite as a facial compress for a healthier complexion. Or use shungite water as a facial toner. 

Wear as a pendant over your heart chakra to boost your connection to the stone and really feel its effect. 

Shungite conducts electricity, so it really is a highly energising stone.

Use shungite powder to make a magickal ink for spellwork. Especially useful for healing or protection spells.

Shungite amplifies the effect of other crystals. Combine with selenite for harmony and balance, useful when feeling anxious. Use shungite and jade for ancestral wisdom. Shungite, rose quartz, and amethyst can uplift you while keeping you grounded in those higher vibrations.


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