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Smoky Quartz

A powerful stone of protection...


Projective energy


Root chakra

Capricorn, Scorpio

Grounding, protection, amplifying, cleansing, psychic work, dream work, detoxing, releasing, transformation, manifestation, removes fear.


The Magick of Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz absorbs negative energy and harmful electro-magnetic frequencies.

Smoky quartz helps to remove fear and stress from your life. It assists in releasing what no longer serves you. It allows you to move on from negative experiences from your past.

Smoky quartz will bring stability and balance to your life when you’re going through difficult times.

Wearing smoky quartz or carrying it with you will act as a psychic shield, protecting you from other peoples unwanted negative energies. Especially useful if you are an empath.

Sleep with smoky quartz under your pillow for protection from nightmares.

Use smoky quartz for greater awareness. Use it when you are looking to expand and build on your psychic abilities.

Keep smoky quartz near the front door of your home to prevent any unwelcome visitors.

Use smoky quartz after a tarot reading to ground you and absorb any negative energy you may have picked up during the reading.

Because of smoky quartz’s ability to absorb negative energy, be sure to cleanse it often. An effective way to cleanse smoky quartz would be to leave it overnight in some soil in your garden, this will also charge it at the same time. Or you could place it in a bowl of salt and let this sit under the light of the full moon.

Smoky quartz is safe to use in water, so it’s great for making crystal infused water. Try infusing smoky quartz, clear quartz and fresh ginger in water for a powerful grounding elixir!

Hold smoky quartz when in need of grounding, try sitting outside and meditating on the grass while holding it.

A Smoky Quartz Grounding Ritual:

  • At the base of a large tree, dig a small hole in the soil and place a smoky quartz crystal in the hole.

  • Sit down and meditate on the energy of the tree and the smoky quartz.

  • Visualise roots emerging from you, growing deep into the soil, intertwining with the roots of the tree.

  • Place your palms on the ground. Breathe deep and relax.

  • Once you are feeling grounded collect your smoky quartz and some soil from where it was placed.

  • Put them into a piece of brown or dark red fabric, tie it and knot it three times. Carry this with you when in need of grounding or meditate with it placed on your root chakra.


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