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A delicate flower of hope and new beginnings.


Receptive energy

Earth element


Capricorn, Aquarius

Hope, optimism, renewal, purity, innocence, joy, sympathy, remembrance, courage, spirituality, miracles.


The Magick of Snowdrops

Snowdrops, also referred to as Candlemas Bells, the Fair Maids of February, or milk flowers, are one of the first signs of the stirrings of Spring. They are one of the first flowers of the year to appear, usually in bloom around Imbolc, February 2nd.

When you see the first snowdrops of the year in bloom be sure to make a wish. Think of something you wish to release or let go of in order to welcome in the new.

Snowdrops are sacred to the Goddess Brigid, or Bride. Use snowdrop symbolism to decorate an altar to honour this Goddess at Imbolc, when she is said to awaken the land for Spring, bringing warmth and light back after the cold darkness of Winter.

On Imbolc, find some snowdrops growing outside and leave an offering of milk. Light a white candle that has been cleansed and consecrated and ask for blessings for the year ahead.

Collect a posy of snowdrops on the eve of Imbolc and bring them into your home to spiritually cleanse it. Be careful to not bring snowdrops into your home on any other occasion. In Victorian times this was considered very bad luck. Even to bring one single snowdrop bloom into the home was thought to be an omen of death.

Due to snowdrops association with death, it is not a good idea to gift these flowers to someone.

When working with snowdrops in your magickal practice, try painting, drawing, or embroidering some snowdrops to have as a reference instead of bringing them into your home. Even meditating on them or visualising them can be effective.

Snowdrops have a very gentle and pure energy. They are often denoted as shy flowers, unable to raise their drooping heads.

Collect some snow around where snowdrops are growing to melt and use as snow water in your magickal practice for purification. Store it in a glass jar with some clear quartz and charge it in the light of the full moon. Add some sea salt to enhance its purification and cleansing properties.


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