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Star Anise

This exotic spice not only looks and smells beautiful, it can be used to unlock your psychic awareness.


Receptive energy 



Divination, energy, love, manifestation, money, psychic abilities, clarity 


How to Use Star Anise in Your Magickal Practice

Ring candles with star anise to boost psychic powers, or press one into a candle.

Make a garland with star anise to keep on your altar. 

For a psychic tea blend, mix star anise, cinnamon, mugwort, catnip, and yarrow.

Infuse star anise in witch hazel and use in a spray bottle. Spray this before divination, or spray your wallet to manifest money. Or keep a star anise pod in your purse or wallet.

Keep a star anise pod with your tarot cards.

Make a pendulum using a star anise pod.

Enchant a star anise pod and make this into a necklace to enhance psychic abilities.

Make a dream oil by infusing star anise in grapeseed oil along with mugwort, catnip, damiana, and an amethyst crystal. Anoint the third eye chakra before going to sleep.


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