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Sunstone is the embodiment of solar energy.

Magickal Correspondences:

Projective energy



Leo & Libra

Solar plexus and sacral chakra

Action, bravery, confidence, energy, growth, happiness, joy, luck, optimism, strength, success, vitality, wellbeing.


 The Magick of Sunstone


Sunstone embodies the warmth and positivity of summer. It is solar energy manifest.


Sunstone has an uplifting and positive energy. It can help you overcome anxiety and fears, boost confidence, and banish self-doubt. Use sunstone to maintain an optimistic outlook.


Connected to the solar plexus and sacral chakras, place sunstone on either of those chakras and meditate to clear any blockages.


Sunstone stimulates energy and vitality. Place a grid of sunstone around you when you’re feeling low in energy. Try placing sunstone around a glass of water to charge the water.


Use sunstone for success. Place a sunstone tower in the centre of a crystal grid of pyrite, citrine, and clear quartz.


Sunstone can be used for protection from evil entities. Ring a white candle with sunstone for protection.


For good luck carry sunstone in a charm bag along with a sprig of rosemary and a cinnamon stick.


Craft a solar talisman by making an equal armed cross of rowan wood, bound with red ribbon or string and sunstone in centre.


Meditate with sunstone and moonstone for balance. Wear a sunstone bracelet on one wrist and a moonstone bracelet on the other to balance mind, body, and spirit.


Crystal Combinations:

Sunstone and moonstone - balance, Yin and Yang energy

Sunstone and carnelian - confidence, vitality, power

Sunstone and citrine - positivity, joy, optimism

Sunstone and amethyst - healing


A Simple Sunstone and The Sun Tarot Spell


Cast this spell using the power of sunstone to increase your chances for success!

You Will Need:

  • Sunstone

  • The Sun Tarot Card

  • Rosemary

  • A red candle


How to Cast This Spell:

  1. Choose a sunny spot to cast this spell. Cast a circle, call the quarters or do whatever you would normally to prepare for spellwork.

  2. Burn rosemary or sage to cleanse the space, yourself, the sunstone, and the sun tarot card.

  3. Focus on your intent and desired outcome for this spell.

  4. Etch into your red candle the word "success" three times.

  5. Place the sunstone on top of the sun tarot card and the red candle next to it.

  6. Scatter rosemary around the sunstone, tarot card and candle in a circle.

  7. Light the candle while visualising yourself successful, achieving your goals with ease.

  8. Recite an incantation as your candle burns down, such as "with the power of the sun I manifest success."

  9. When the candle has burned down, take your sunstone and carry this with you when you need it.

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