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"The Book of Celtic Magic" Book Review

The Book of Celtic Magic: Transformative Teachings from the Cauldron of Awen was written by Kristoffer Hughes, chief of the Anglesey Druid Order.

This book is perfect for beginners to delve into what Celtic magick is and the pantheon of Celtic gods and goddesses. It explains the meaning of Awen and its importance in Celtic magick.

The reader is encouraged to take part in the various guided visualisations and exercises within the book. This allows you to reflect inwards and put what you are reading into practice, to really connect with the spirit and teachings of Awen in your life.

This book helps you understand how you can work with the Celtic gods and goddesses and how they can be your magickal allies. How the tales of Rhiannon, Cerridwen, and others can help guide you and assist you in your journey.

The book also discusses various forms of divination such as tree divination (the Ogham) and bone divination. I learned from the book that the Ogham wasn't necessarily an ancient Celtic form of divination, as suggested by Robert Graves in the twentieth century, but it was most likely a system of writing. Nonetheless they are still powerful symbols that can be used for divination which the author explains how to interpret.

I really liked the section on creating rituals, I think it is something that can add more depth and meaning to your magickal practice. The book also details a lengthy Triskelion ritual to help you understand how to summon the force of Awen to create Celtic rituals.

Overall this book gives a good foundation for the magickal practitioner to really embrace Celtic magick in their lives. It inspires the reader to connect with Awen, the genius loci, and the pantheon of Celtic Gods and Goddesses. I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Celtic magick and lore.


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