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Vision Oil

A vision oil to amplify your intuition.


star anise - divination, clairvoyance, third eye chakra

mugwort - astral awareness, psychic development

yarrow - psychic protection and awareness

bay leaf - promotes prophecy, psychic enhancer

frankincense - spiritual protection, drives away negative spirits

cinnamon - boosts psychic powers, spirituality, success

amethyst - connected with the third eye, increases intuition


Use this vision oil to enhance your clairvoyance abilities and promote prophecy during divination.

Rub into your hands, chakras, and pulse points before tarot readings, or other forms of divination.

Use it to anoint your tarot deck, runes, pendulum, crystal ball, etc.

You could burn this vision oil in an oil burner during divination practices.

Apply to your third eye chakra before going to sleep for prophetic dreams.

Combine the ingredients above with a carrier oil, such as grapeseed, hemp or olive oil.

If you are making a small bottle of this oil use about a teaspoon of each dried ingredient or 3 drops of essential oil. Use your intuition when judging the amounts of each ingredient you use.

Remember, as always, to infuse this oil blend with your intention while you're crafting it.

Charge the vision oil blend on a full moon with a prehnite stone.

I've also placed my oil on top of the High Priestess tarot card to charge as this card symbolises intuition and psychic abilities.

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Peter Ekpe
Peter Ekpe

Thanks. Blessed Be. I'll also add poppy seeds .



how do order or buy vision oil .I need 1 bottle for prophetic calling

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