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An ancient plant that inspires alchemy and magick.


Projective energy



The Fae

Protection, invisibility, shelter, magick, money, luck, alchemy, fertility, immortality


The Magick of Ferns

Ferns are an ancient plant dating back approximately 350 million years. There are over 12,000 species of fern worldwide, and roughly 38 species can be found in the U.K.

Ferns can be used to ward off negative energy and evil spirits. They can also be used to reverse any jinxes or dark magick that may have been directed towards you.

Ferns are used for protection magick. Plant ferns in your garden and keep a potted fern in your home for protection. Add fern leaves to your bouquets to bring protection.

Simply waiving a fern frond around with intention can remove negative and unwanted energy and also bring protection.

Place fern leaf fronds on your windowsills to keep away intruders and unwanted guests.

The Druids used ferns for invisibility. It was believed that to carry an elusive fern seed would grant you the power of invisibility. This belief is likely due to the fact that ferns do not produce seeds, they have spores, so it was thought that the fern seed itself was invisible.

Carry a small fern leaf with you when you are looking to go unnoticed, or perhaps a pendant with a small fern leaf set in resin.

Ferns are connected to the fae and nature spirits. Leave offerings to nature spirits near ferns growing in the wild.

Meditating or sitting quietly in nature surrounded by ferns will connect you with the spirits of the land.

Ferns can be used to connect with ancient ancestors, incorporate ferns on your ancestor altar.

Ferns are associated with alchemy. If you use your cauldron to make potions, try leaving your cauldron to charge in wild ferns or place fern leaves in your cauldron and let it charge under a full moon.

Historically, ferns were burned outside to encourage rain and storms.

Ferns are connected with the element of air. Use them to invoke the air element. Place a potted fern in the east corner of your home.

Wands are also linked to the element of air, charge your wand in some ferns or placed on top of a fern leaf.

The unfurled fern "fiddleheads" can be used in your magickal practice as a symbol for spirals, representing rebirth, cycles, transformation, and life. They also represent sacred geometry in nature.


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