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Blackberries are connected with the Fae and used in magick for prosperity, protection and more.


Receptive energy



Aries, Scorpio

Throat chakra


Abundance, communication, fertility, grounding, happiness, harmony, luck, prosperity, protection, wealth.


The Magick of Blackberries

Blackberries or "bramble" are commonly found growing here in the UK. The berries ripen mid-August to September.

Never pick the first blackberries of the season, these should be left for the Fae. If you do then it is said the rest of the blackberries you pick will be full of grubs.

It is considered bad luck to eat blackberries after September 29th, St Michaelmas Day. This is due to the the belief that the devil curses the blackberries on that day.

Blackberries are often used and eaten during Lughnasadh or Mabon rituals, feasts and celebrations.

A blackberry pie can be made to promote harmony, healing, grounding and prosperity. Imbue it with your intent while making it and draw sigils inside the pie crust.

Blackberry vines are commonly used in protection and banishing spells. They can be woven into wreaths for protection.

Brew up a protection potion using blackberries. If the potion isn't going to be consumed use a blackberry vine instead.

Place blackberry leaves under your front door mat for protection.

It is believed that walking or crawling under the arch of a blackberry vine three times will bring good health.

Try adding blackberry leaves to your bath water for a healing bath.

Blackberries can be used for prosperity. Drizzle honey on some blackberries and eat them while focusing on prosperity. Honey is used in magick to "sweeten" the outcome of your spell, to promote harmony, prosperity and health.

Burn dried blackberry leaves to draw money to you.

Blackberries are connected to the throat chakra and can be used to boost communication. Make an anointing oil by infusing olive oil with blackberries and use it to anoint your throat chakra. Or make a blackberry tea or smoothie to balance the throat chakra.

Blackberries are also used in binding spells and to break hexes.

Make a magickal ink or dye using blackberries. Use the ink for written incantations and sigils. Or simply crush some blackberries and rub them onto spell candles for protection.


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