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"Cat Spells" by Claire Nahmad Book Review

"Cat Spells: Cat Magic Through the Ages" by Claire Nahmad Illustrations by Susan Robertson

 This is a delightful little book all about cat magick.


In this book you will find various spells inspired by cats. Spells for luck, love, healing, and so on. The spells are simple and easy to follow.


The book touches on a bit of feline folklore. Since early civilisations cats have been revered and worshipped by many cultures. They can bestow honour and good luck.


The book lists some names and their meanings in case you want to give your cat familiar a magickal name.


The illustrations accompany this book perfectly and is half the reason why I like the book so much.


This book is a reminder of the intuitiveness and unique character every cat holds. They have the ability to see spirits and faeries. At times they seem to be attuned to a higher level of spiritual awareness.


Using this book can help you connect with your cat and take inspiration from these magical little creatures.


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