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The Fool Tarot Card


Number: 0

Element: Air

Planet: Uranus

Zodiac: Aquarius

Upright: beginnings, faith, adventure, spontaneity, innocence, spirit, potential, youth

Reversed: poor judgement, foolish, inexperience, careless, naive, reckless


Keep the fool card on your altar as a reminder to seize the day.

When starting a new venture, locate the fool card in your deck, the card below it is the risk involved, and the card above it is the reward.

Spiritual development spread:

Take the fool card from the deck then shuffle the rest of the cards. Draw 9 cards then add the fool card to those 9 and shuffle them together. Lay the cards out in a row. The placement of the fool card will represent how far along on your spiritual development you are, and the other cards represent the steps in your journey.


A useful spell when starting something new.

Perform this spell on a Sunday, or on a new moon.

You will need an aventurine crystal, peppermint essential oil, and a white candle.

Place the aventurine on top of the fool card.

Etch the number 0 and a symbol for the air element onto your candle.

Anoint your candle with peppermint essential oil.

Light the candle and place this next to the fool card.

Think about what this card represents to you.

Focus on drawing its energy of infinite potential, and relax knowing that your new endeavours will manifest some great experiences in your life.


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