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The Magician Tarot Card


Number: 1

Element: Air

Planet: Mercury

Zodiac: Virgo & Gemini

Upright: manifestation, willpower, skill, energy, creation, action, confidence

Reversed: deceit, manipulation, dishonesty, illusion, weakness


Keep the magician card on your altar as reminder that you can manifest your true desires through virtuous action.

Locate the magician card in your deck. The card above it is your hidden talents and abilities. The card below the magician represents what you need to do in order to unlock your hidden talents.

Magician spread to unlock your potential:

Take the magician card out of your deck, then shuffle the remaining cards. Draw 5 cards then place the magician with those 5 cards, shuffle them together. Lay the cards out in two rows of three cards. The row which contains the magician symbolises your talents and skills. The other row represents the steps you will need to take in order to reach your full potential.


A simple tarot spell for when you’re in need of some creative inspiration.

Perform this spell on a Wednesday.

Face east, then ground and centre yourself. 

Set the magician card down in front of you.

Place rose petals above the card, rosemary on the bottom, and a sunstone in the centre. 

Etch the word "creativity" onto a candle, then anoint it with bergamot essential oil. Infuse the candle with your intention then light it. 

While the candle is burning, try to clear your mind from all thoughts to allow for creative inspiration to flow through.


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