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Self-Love Charm Bag

Make this simple charm bag to promote self-love, increase your confidence and self-worth.


  • 3 pink rosebuds - self-love, confidence, gratitude

  • lavender - love, happiness, peace

  • thyme - love, courage, positivity

  • jasmine flowers - spiritual love, confidence, relaxation

  • lepidolite crystal - soothing, positivity, emotional balance

  • written intention

  • pink organza bag or cloth

Create this charm bag on a Sunday, during the Waning Gibbous moon. This moon phase being the best time to practice self-care and nurturing.

A good idea is to have a relaxing bath or shower beforehand to physically and spiritually cleanse yourself, this will help put you in a better state of mind for crafting this charm bag.

You could even make a self-love tea from the herbs listed above to sip while making this charm bag.

For the written intention, write down whatever means self-love to you. This could be a symbol, a sigil, or just the words “self-love”. Fold this piece of paper in half 3 times then anoint it with some ritual blessing oil or patchouli oil.

Leave your charm bag to sit in the light of the sun. When the sun has set, light a pink candle next to your charm bag. You could anoint your candle with some patchouli oil and etch symbols, your intention, and/or your initials onto it as well. Allow the candle to burn down fully and leave the charm bag to charge for a few hours under the light of the moon. 

Sleep with your charm bag under your pillow that night. Then carry it with you afterwards, or keep it on your altar to cultivate self-love.

***Please note that anything used in this charm bag can be substituted for whatever represents self-love to you personally. Everyone's energy is different, and everyone resonates differently to different things. Don't be afraid to try things out. Listen to your intuition and do what feels right for you. Have fun with this spell! Blessed be xoxo


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