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Aura Cleansing Spray

An aromatherapy spray to spiritually cleanse your aura. Helps you feel instantly grounded, calm, and centred.


Rosemaryprotection, clarity, cleansing

Sage - purifying, cleansing, protection

Frankincense - purification, meditation, spirituality

Lavender - relaxing, purifying, balances chakras Bergamot - cleansing, peace, protection Full Moon water - purifying, blessings, spiritually cleansing

Witch hazel - protection, healing, calming

Clear quartzenergy cleanser, amplifying, harmony


Combine all the ingredients in a glass spray bottle if you have one. I like to spiritually cleanse the spray bottle before hand, either letting it sit in a bowl of salt or using sage smoke to cleanse it.

I used essential oils instead of dried herbs as the spray will keep for longer and not get clogged. You could also brew the dried herbs and then strain them before adding it to your spray bottle.

I used equal parts of witch hazel and full moon water and about 7-10 drops of each essential oil, use what ever amount feels right for you.

Leave your energy cleansing spray to charge under the full moon.

Use this spray to cleanse negative energy from a room or your aura. You could also use this spray instead of burning sage or other herbs. Use it before meditation, spellwork, before going to bed, or whenever you feel you need to.

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