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A magickal tree of powerful protection


Projective energy 

Mars & Saturn

Earth & Fire

Aries & Scorpio

Protection, death, balance of light & dark, banishing, transformation, purification, battles, the underworld, strength, defence, guidance


The Magick of the Blackthorn Tree


Blackthorn is a deciduous shrub commonly found growing in hedgerows and woodlands in the U.K. It flowers March through April and the berries ripen in August.


The berries are also called “sloes” they are edible but very tart in flavour when eaten raw, they are better suited to being cooked first. They are often used to make sloe gin and jams. Try making an enchanted wine or liqueur with sloes and adding some elderberries too.


Blackthorn blossoms are also edible. Use the blossoms in baking, add them to spring-time salads or brew them in a tea.


Blackthorn helps to dispel negative energy, fear, anger and emotional wounds.


Blackthorn is used to make "blasting rods" which direct a curse.


Use the sloe berries to make a natural ink or a dye. Use in protection magick, to write incantations, draw sigils, dye paper and fabric.


The flowers of the blackthorn each have five petals, linking them to the pentagram in witchcraft. A powerful symbol of protection.


The wood is used as a powerful wand for protection. If you are going to use blackthorn wood be sure to only use that which has fallen naturally from the tree.


Blackthorn is connected to faeries. Leave objects for the faeries to bless or enchant underneath a blackthorn tree. Always be sure to ask permission from the tree faeries and leave an offering for them in return. You could also leave an offering of birdseed since the tree is often used as shelter for small birds.


Use blackthorn for protection during Beltaine and Samhain in rituals, magick and recipes.


A Simple Blackthorn Protection Spell:

  1. Take a thorn from a blackthorn (preferably from a twig or branch that has naturally fallen from the tree).

  2. On a piece of paper write down what it is that you need protection from.

  3. Anoint the thorn with a protection oil.

  4. Ask the spirit of the blackthorn to grant you protection.

  5. Then pierce through the centre of the paper with the thorn.

  6. Bury this in the ground, if possible under the blackthorn tree from which the thorn was taken.



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