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Discover the magick of ivy and how you can use it in your practice...


Receptive energy

Saturn & the Moon

Air, Earth, Water

Taurus, Libra, Scorpio

Protection, rebirth, immortality, lunar cycles, love, healing, willpower, attachments, friendship, binding, luck, attraction, transformation, growth, fidelity, marriage, peace.


The Magick of Ivy

Ivy is a symbol of the Goddess. Mainly due to the fact that ivy tendrils grow in a spiral shape.

Ivy is associated with the Greek God Dionysus, the Roman God Bacchus, the Welsh Goddess Arianrhod, the Celtic God Cernunnos, and the Egyptian God Osiris.

Ivy represents the spiritual journey through the wheel of the year and is sacred to all the Sabbats.

Ivy magickally paired with holly, represents female and male energy. Use this combo in love spells.

Ivy and holly placed above your door on the Winter Solstice will bring good luck. Be sure to remove and burn them on the 12th night after the Solstice to prevent bad luck for the coming year.

Use a wand entwined with ivy for nature rituals or love spells.

Ivy grown in your garden or a wreath of ivy on your door will bring protection and prevent misfortune.

If ivy covers the walls of the home good luck will come to those who live within.

Ivy corresponds to the month of October. Decorate your home or altar with some ivy in October.

If ivy is carried by women it brings them good luck.

Brides should wear or carry ivy for fidelity.

Sweep ivy leaves around an area to remove negativity.

Place ivy leaves under your mattress, your bed, or pillow for fertility.

Some believe it may be bad luck to bring an ivy plant into your home. Although other beliefs suggest that an ivy plant will remove negativity within the home.

Due to the clinging nature of ivy and its ability to attach itself to objects it is seen as a symbol for friendship.

To prevent intoxication drink from cups engraved with ivy leaves or wear a crown of ivy.

Place some ivy tendrils around a candle that has been anointed with protection oil. Burn the candle on the hearth of your home for protection.

Carry some ivy leaves in a charm bag to strengthen your willpower.

Place a few sprigs of ivy around your bathtub for a healing bath (not in the water as ivy can cause skin irritation). You could also add pink Himalayan salt, hyssop, juniper berries, lemon balm, and mugwort to your bath water.


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