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Aura Cleansing Bath

Spiritually cleanse your aura with this aura cleansing ritual bath.

lavender - calming, purification, peace

rose petals - self love, healing, protection

hyssop - spiritually cleansing, commonly used in spiritual baths

juniper berries - clears negative energy, purifies the aura

himalayan salt - healing, purification, protection

frankincense EO - protects the aura, strengthens intuition, relieves stress

white candle - purification, healing

new moon water - renewal, cleansing, healing



I like to perform this ritual on a waning moon since this moon phase is associated with letting go and slowing down, in preparation for the new moon.

Start by boiling some water and pouring this over the herbs. I use about 1 litre of water and a tablespoon of each dried herb, you can use whatever amount feels right for you. Let this steep while you run your bath.

Place selenite, clear quartz, rainbow fluorite, and/or rose quartz around the bath or around the candle as all of these crystals have aura cleansing properties. You can also place seashells around the bath for their gentle grounding properties.

Add your herbal infusion, salt, frankincense essential oil, and new moon water to your bath and light the candle. 

Burn some dried sage or other herbs to spiritually cleanse the area and yourself with its smoke.

While you are in the bath meditate on letting go and visualise yourself becoming spiritually renewed and purified. 

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