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Mighty tree of ancient wisdom and strength.


Projective energy Sun Fire Protection, strength, wisdom, healing, luck, prosperity, money, summer solstice 


The Magick of the Oak Tree

Oak trees were sacred to the Druids. The Celtic word for Oak is Duir, meaning solidity, protection, and steadfastness.

Acorns symbolise fertility, creativity of the mind, prosperity, healing, life and ancient wisdom.

Place acorns on window sills for protection. Acorns are associated with Samhain. Make a pendulum using an acorn for divination on Samhain.  Carry an acorn in your pocket to protect you on a journey, and also to bring you good luck on a job interview.

Etch symbols for immortality, prosperity, and healing on the first acorn you find in Autumn. Charge this acorn every full moon and new moon of the year. Carry it with you or place on your altar. Return the acorn to nature the following Autumn. The oak leaf symbolises strength, courage, nobility, honour and wisdom. Catching a falling oak leaf will bring you luck and prosperity, and will help to keep you from getting sick in the winter. Frame it and keep it on your altar. Place 6 oak leaves in your bath water to cleanse mind, body, and spirit.  Use an oak leaf as a bookmark in books used for attaining knowledge. Acorns and oak leaves used together are a symbol for power and victory. When someone in the home is sick, burn oak wood to drive away the illness. Make a protection talisman using two oak twigs shaped into an equal-armed cross bound in the centre with red thread. To boost the protective power of this talisman, place a piece of black tourmaline in the centre, then bound the oak twigs, and the stone with the red thread.


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