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Prosperity Charm Bag

Craft this charm bag to bring prosperity into your life.

You will need:

Chamomile - prosperity, abundance, joy, wealth

Basil - attraction, money, prosperity, luck, wealth

Mint - prosperity, luck, money

Cloves - money, prosperity, wealth

Cinnamon - attraction, luck, prosperity, success

Pyrite/citrine/aventurine (use just one or all three)

Written intentions (use a gold or green marker)

Orange essential oil

Green fabric or organza bag


How to Craft Your Prosperity Charm Bag

Craft this prosperity charm bag on a Thursday during the waxing moon. Thursday being ruled by Jupiter makes it an ideal day for casting spells relating to wealth, prosperity and money. And the waxing moon is good for spells relating to prosperity, money, and wealth since during this phase the moon is expanding and growing.

Burn some sage or cinnamon to cleanse yourself, the area you will be creating this charm bag in, and the items you will be adding.

You may want to brew some chamomile tea to sip while creating this charm bag to promote prosperity. You could also rinse your hands in cooled chamomile tea too.

Light an incense of cinnamon or patchouli.

Start by grounding and centring yourself. Cast a circle and call the quarters, or do whatever you would normally do to prepare for spell work.

Charge each of the items you will be adding to this charm bag. To do this hold each item in your hand and infuse it with your intent. Visualise them glowing with a radiant golden light. Ask that they bring you prosperity.

On a small piece of paper write your intentions for this charm bag using either green or gold ink. For mine I wrote the word prosperity 3 times and drew a shamrock. Once you've written your intentions anoint the four corners and centre of the paper using orange essential oil and then fold the paper towards yourself 3 times.

You could even add a strand of your hair to the charm bag to strengthen its connection to you.

Once everything has been added to your charm bag, seal it by knotting the strings together 3 times. Then charge it in the sunlight for 3 hours.

You could also light a green or gold candle that you have cleansed and consecrated and place your charm bag next to it while it burns down to further infuse it with prosperity. Anoint the candle with orange essential oil and etch your initials and the word prosperity into the candle.

Keep this charm bag on your altar, carry it with you or keep it in an area of the home that you associate with with prosperity, perhaps the kitchen, a sunny windowsill, or placed in an abundance bowl.

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