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Healing Heart Chakra Cacao Ritual

Cacao is used to heal and open the heart chakra. Creating a cacao ritual or ceremony allows for a deep spiritual awakening of the heart. It is grounding and uplifting, you will feel an immense connection to source energy. You will experience pure bliss.

Cacao has been used for rituals and ceremonies for centuries by many Mesoamerican cultures and is regarded as sacred.

Cacao is full of vitamins and minerals. It helps detox the body and improve clarity and focus.

Prepare this heart chakra healing cacao elixir during a full moon, or in the morning after a full moon at sunrise.

What you will need for this ritual:

- cacao paste

- rose petals

- hawthorn berries

- rosehips

- pink or green candle

I decided to go for a short stroll beforehand to clear my mind and centre myself. I also picked a few wildflowers to keep close by during my cacao ritual. I chose to pick only pink flowers since the colour pink is connected to love, self-love, and compassion.

Start by burning some sage or copal resin to cleanse the area you are in, yourself, and the cacao.

When preparing this cacao elixir set your intention for this ritual. Prepare the cacao elixir mindfully and with purpose.

I placed the rose petals, hawthorn berries, cinnamon, and rosehips in a bowl with rose quartz to charge in the sunlight. I also placed the cacao on a selenite charging plate and left them to charge for an hour or so.

To make the cacao elixir combine 25-45 grams of cacao paste with a herbal tea blend of rose petals, hawthorn berries, cinnamon, and/or rosehips. You might want to finely chop the cacao to make it easier to melt. I prefer to use ceremonial grade cacao which is organic and fair-trade, but you could substitute cacao powder instead. Heat gently in a saucepan slowly adding the herbal infusion until the cacao has melted and is fully combined. You could sweeten it with a bit of honey or agave syrup if you wish.

Recite some prayers, mantras, chants, words of gratitude, or sing while preparing your elixir.

Anoint your candle with some rose, geranium, or bergamot essential oil if you wish. You could carve a heart symbol or some loving words into your candle. Place your rose quartz in front of the candle.

Pour your cacao elixir into a favourite mug of yours and set this in front of your rose quartz. Light the candle then place your hands around your mug. Recite an incantation, loving words or mantras. Take a few deep breaths, breathe in the aroma of the cacao. Sip your cacao elixir mindfully, slowly, and with purpose. Regard this time as sacred.

While drinking your cacao you may wish to incorporate some sound healing, such as singing bowls or tuning forks.

Give thanks after finishing your cacao elixir. Try writing down a few things that you are grateful for. Keep this on your altar or somewhere you can see it often throughout the day. Keep adding to this list every time you do this ritual. Carry the rose quartz with you.

Try drinking this around a fire and share the experience with your loved ones to strengthen your connection and bond together.

I enjoyed this ritual so much that I have made it into a regular practice. I hope this has inspired you. Blessed be!

***Since I love poetry I read some poems from Lyrical Ballads by Wordsworth and Coleridge during my ritual. This stanza seemed very fitting for this heart healing cacao ritual…


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