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Incense Blend for Psychic Abilities

An incense blend to increase your psychic abilities.

You will need:


How to Make the Psychic Abilities Incense Blend

Create this incense blend on a full moon. During this lunar phase our psychic abilities will be heightened. Preferably when the moon is in water a sign.

Use whatever amounts you prefer of the dried herbs listed above. I used equal parts of everything except I doubled the amount of mugwort.

Combine the herbs together in your mortar and pestle.

While grinding them up in your mortar and pestle, focus on imbuing and empowering your incense blend. Visualise the blend glowing in a violet hue.

Store this psychic abilities incense blend with an amethyst crystal.

Leave the incense blend to charge under the light of the full moon.

Burn this incense to heighten your psychic abilities. It's useful when doing psychic work and divination.

You could even use the smoke to consecrate your divination tools.

Try drinking some of this Psychic Tea while burning this incense blend to further enhance your psychic abilities.

Craft this Psychic Abilities Spell Jar to really boost your psychic powers!


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