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Intuition Charm Bag

A charm bag spell to boost your intuition and enhance your psychic abilities.

You Will Need


How to Make This Charm Bag

Craft this charm bag on a Monday, or on a full moon. Preferably when the moon is in a water sign.

Cleanse the amethyst you will be using in water or moon water. The water element is connected to intuition and psychic abilities.

Try brewing up this psychic tea blend to sip while crafting this charm bag.

Light some incense of jasmine or lavender.

Ground and centre yourself before you begin.

Hold each item that you will be adding to your charm bag and ask that it help strengthen your intuition and amplify your psychic abilities.

Imbue each item with your intent before placing it in the charm bag.

Once everything has been added, tie it closed and knot it three times. With each knot focus on sealing your intent into your charm bag.

Place your intuition charm bag on a selenite charging plate or bowl and leave it to charge under the light of the full moon. If it's not a full moon when you are crafting this charm bag you could still leave it to charge in the moonlight or charge it when it is a full moon.

Ideas on How to Use The Charm Bag

- Carry it with you

- Hold onto it when you are looking to tap into your intuition

- Keep it near by when practicing divination

- Store it with your divination tools

- Meditate with it

- Sleep with it under your pillow for prophetic dreams

- Place it on your altar

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